Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Wheel Turns....

Indeed it does! There have been a fair few changes since my last brief blog. I'm now separated, have moved house, and am making tentative steps in a new relationship. I have custody of the terrorist of course-my life just would'nt be the same without him.
I'd like to say it's all good but, there is always a price to pay, mine is the verbal from my disaffected spout, ever the victim and never to blame (how very dare I).
So, my life is now free from control, and alcoholism and many other complex psychological issues that i naively thought may be solved with love.
Enough said about that-the wheel continues regardless.
Spring is doing it's thing, the washing is drying on the line, the tumble dryer is redundant once more, (ok maybe that's a little optimistic). The sun is getting strong again, the birds are singing at 3am, and the bulbs and buds are appearing all around.
I spotted my first Greater Spotted Woodpecker pecking away at a tree on the field two weeks ago, the fledgling crows of last year are looking all sleek and handsome-the only thing i need now is the hoots of the owls and i will be truly chuffed!
I love this time of year-more so as i get older-with it's promise of summer to come. Maybe especially this year with the new found freedom to enjoy it all.
Hope it's all good with you all too and the Spring energies put back the bounce in your step after the winter months.
Many Blessings,