Monday, 30 May 2011

Meet The Terrorist...

Here he is, The Terrorist who happens to be my almost three year old Patterdale Terrier.
Terrorist because he is given half a chance, though I have to say he is settling now he's getting a little older.
Settling means not chewing wooden furniture, though he still has a penchant for socks and the odd bra. It also means he's reasonably happy with a several mile walk a day and some manic runs around the garden which would give a whippet a run for their money!
Train well? one to one trainer says he has the attention span of a gnat, he will dominate in the blink of an eye, and to quote "I think you may have your work cut out with this one". That said as he disappeared after a squirrel over the fields whilst recall training for the millionth time.
I love him dearly though, he's fun, loving, and he's taught me there are more important things than furniture, cushions, cardigans.......
We have some pretty decent adventures on our walks, though he does'nt seem to be as interested in birds as I do.
He has a thing about dead frogs which I have to keep my eye on, and our shared interest in trees is from a different perspective but all in all he's a great friend and challenger.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

To bitch or not to bitch?

I may be missing something here so I'd welcome your feedback on the subject, but it occurred to me recently that at the moment there is a trend online to add the word Bitch to profiles.
I'm not knocking it, just pondering it. I like the word generally-it has a decent sound to it. 

You may be out and proud with your bitch-ness and revel in the fact-many do. You may have a variety of bitch responses to a wide array of subjects that particularly nark or irritate you and you are letting them go-at last! It may be empowering, re-claiming.
After the past years of new age, happy purple, daisy loving, beautiful blonde goddess worshippers we need some balance here. We don't want to be nice, we want to be a bitch.
Goddess is'nt always nice, she can be a bitch!
Thing is, we are all perfectly able to be a bitch some of the time. Should I put it in my profile? 'Sometime bitch'. Is it yet another label we want to add according to trend? Is it a practical issue in this online world where we need to add relevant tags? Is it who we really are, or are we quite nice too? Does it mean that you are a straight-talker, or that you'll shoot someone down for expressing their opinions regardless?
Can you not 'tell it like it is' with diplomacy? Or am I being a little naive here?

I am, for the most part, quite nice I think (not that you won't have suspected that). But i guess quite nice would'nt inspire folk to read- my nark's might inspire it more perhaps?
I do get narked, I get downright annoyed, and sometimes I just want to annoy someone else. Sometimes I want to play devils advocate and wind folk up.'nt everyone like that?

Perhaps it's because I'm always seeking something, or because I generally like people, from all over, whatever particular path they may be on that makes me reluctant to proclaim my bitchness? Perhaps I'm presumptuous and assume folk will know I can be a bitch at times?
I might learn something, I might meet someone 'nice'. Perhaps it's just because I'm 'quite nice'. 
Mmmm...I may add that to my profile as an experiment.