Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The New Calendar Year

It's almost time for the new calendar year to begin.
I tend to see it as a milestone simply to put actions inspired by the seeds planted at Hallowmass into actual practice.
There are a few things happening.
In the practical world, i'll be working at another hospital for three months. That will be an interesting experience, though i've been there before, it will be time to build upon existing friendships and forge new ones with folk i've yet to meet.
It will be a time for professional development, new ideas, learning new ways to work and building on the good old ones.
It will take me out of my comfort zone-never a bad thing.

And there are my plans for my personal interests! Bloody hell, that sounds well!
There are those things that i do because we all have to, and those that i do because i want to, need to, am driven to. These are the things i am making time for this year. And the things that deserve the time i will give them.
Exploring the history of the craft from a traditional perspective (as far as you can in a modern world) and concentrating on the practice of it (it's easy this time of year to get stuck in the armchair-or is that my age)?
Making my present home my hearth as it's still quite new in my mind (i've been here a year now), what can i do with it?
More walking the land i know and love, and building on that relationship where I can.
Planning the time will be interesting in itself. I'll be blogging about my progress (hopefully-time allowing).
And posting about my musings in the process.

So after all this pondering, i'll make a decent start at some point.
Wishing all a happy and interesting 2011.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Winter Solstice

Well if ever there was any doubt that winter was here, that is certainly dispelled with the arrival of snow and sub-zero temperatures-the 'Kiss of the Cailleach'.
Like many things a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the landscapes around us are beautiful, but they are also treacherous, for anyone, let alone the vulnerable.
Good Christian folk do not have a monopoly on being a good neighbour-good pagan folk can also pay attention to those in the community that might need our help, popping to the shops for some supplies for someone who can't get out takes nothing more than our time.
Be watchful! Not only does the human world have difficulty during the winter but the animal kingdom struggles too. The Robins find it tough to feed this weather, being ground feeders, so a few fat balls placed in strategic places will help them on their way and you'll make an ally in the process.
This Winter Solstice lifts my spirits, the light will return-the Yuletide celebrations begin and I am caught up with memories, as usual, of the Spring and Summer to come.
I spend much of my spare time this time of year reading and researching things i need to know and many things i just find interesting. I have a wish list on Amazon that may take me years to sort through!
I'm having to narrow it down as i could spend so much time delving that i never actually get anything done!
Hence, this Solstice I am dedicating a year of study and practice of three things-a science, a practical craft, and the development of my relationship with a piece of land local to where i live.
I have decided on a few things, not quite sure about the practical craft yet as there are so many i would like to do (it has to be something useful) and i have already been walking and watching a piece of land for a good while now. It will be interesting next Solstice to see where this leads.
In the meantime, Wishing All a Very Merry Yuletide!xx