Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Changing Tides...

The tides are changing once again, subtle in their beginning until you can't deny another season is upon you, along with their underlying energies. The swifts have left for warmer places, i miss their joyful aerodynamics. The blackberries are ripening well and ready for picking, the Rowan berries are ripe, and the Hawthorn are very nearly there in most of my local places. Spirits willing i'll be starting my gatherings in the next week or so.
Blessings to my local farmers preparing to cut the fields, it's been unsettled and wet the past week or so-hopefully the past few dry days will give them their opportunity for harvest without worrying too much.
I'm sad to see my local Elder has been a casualty in a fire on the fields, one filled with broken booze bottles and rubbish that has also damaged a large Sycamore. Both are strong spirits and will survive but it's difficult to see their scars caused by the thoughtlessness of a few.
I'm feeling the thankfulness that comes with this time of year and making the most of every opportunity to get amongst it, but there is a shift in consciousness approaching with the coming of the darker days-as always. One of learning, experience and introspection.
The beginning of the year brought with it a new way of practical living in a material sense, and since then i've had opportunities to learn much about leadership in a professional sense which has been the start of another journey.
I feel however another path emerging on a spiritual level, where it will lead i have no idea, but it feels like a natural process, like an old memory returning in bits and pieces, or a dream remembered in fragments. Anyways, what will be will be. Onwards and upwards-or is that downwards? We shall see...