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Saturday, 15 January 2011

On the subject of Traditional Witchcraft....

Traditional Witchcraft...non-Wiccan, I won't go anywhere near explaining to anyone what it is-I'll leave that to those who do it much better than my simple mind allows:
Sarah Lawless at The Witch of Forest Grove 
Robin Artisson in his essay Becoming a Traditional Witch
Andrew D Chumbley in his essay for Xoanon Press entitiled What is Traditonal Craft

Interesting introductions for enquiring minds, regarding the subject and those involved with it.

Hans Weidlitz

Thursday, 13 January 2011


I am, at the moment, experiencing something I seem to get every now and again and it drives me mad!
Mind Fog.
There are a few ways this manifests. Not being able to order thought, not remembering things I know that I know (if that makes sense), and having so much going on without order that I can't make useful sense out of it. There are probably a couple of other ways it manifests too i suppose but I can't think properly at the moment!

It may help writing things down. I have'nt tended to until I started this blog and I can be utterly rubbish keeping up with posting.
It may help somewhat ordering my learning of the craft, which i have'nt done for a good while now.
It may help being more open generally with others as I don't tend to be. The cogs turn quietly most of the time, with only the furrowed brow that those who know me well giving a clue to what's going on.
Still, it won't last forever, and perhaps a concerted effort on my part to get out of the fog will help.

One of the things on my mind has been how open do I want to be? I'm still thinking on that one.

So on to something else I've been musing on, the way we work together.
I work in a team of about five or six folk, who are part of a department of four teams of the same. It's always an interesting thing i think, working in a team. What I find difficult though is that often those who manage teams have no idea (or that is often the impression given) how to do it. Or, if they do, seem to leave everything they learn about it at the place they learned it and revert to ways of managing that they have experienced themselves regardless of whether they are effective or not.
There seems to be an imbalance between the huge amounts of research, study, and theory done by many folk over the years and the actual practice of it in the workplace. The benefits to employers, and employees could be manyfold.
What a strange thing-but then I'm an Idealist.
In my ideal world working teams would be empowered to find solutions to the daily problems they encounter themselves, as often they are best placed to do so. They would be acknowledged for their good work, and it would be a source of encouragement and a motivation for others.
The quality of work and working conditions and relationships would improve.
But then-I still believe in Santa Claus.....

I've been thinking about being more creative, but I had been thinking along the lines of art and crafts, something I used to do much of when I had more time.
It seems with these few months ahead that I will need to be creative, but in things related to work, as that seems to be the theme at the moment. Perhaps at some point in the not too distant future, it will be the art and crafts I'd like to have time for.
An element of those arts and crafts I intend to put into practice will go towards my cunning plan of preparing in advance for what may be known to many as Imbolc. Though I don't celebrate in quite the same way as some. There is no 'Bride' for me, and the date is open depending on what's going on around me. It's a time to celebrate the passing of sun still and enjoy the more obviously lengthening days. There are tight buds appearing and lambs being born.
Making incense, snake sticks, gathering useful items are all on the list of things to do, in order to make an area of focus to acknowledge the changing tides. 
On a plus point, I seem to have had an easy ride with the lurgy that seems to be going around like wildfire at the moment. I only had a week of laryngitis before the end of last year, rather than flu, swine flu, and Norovirus. Love to all those I know that are recovering from it all, and to those I know who are supporting their loved ones through it.

Now I'm off to do some housework therapy!