Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Amongst the Green...

Today is Summer Solstice, the longest day, Sun Still, Midsummer.
A wonderful time of year for me, one filled with happy memories of Midsummer's past, and the cunning plans for those yet to come.
I always spend Midsummer's Eve outdoors-I can't imagine any other way. It will always involve watching the sun set, spending the dark hours in various ways of celebration, ending with the sunrise.
It is as ritualistic a practice as I may get-I book time off work, I plan, and I celebrate. 
What a lot of things there are to celebrate-when you are out there feeling the warm breeze on your face carrying all the scents of summer it's difficult not to.
I've always travelled, Glastonbury Tor, Rollright Stones to join in the throng of folk all celebrating in their own way, this year was very different.
This year has been very much about the land right here around me, so it seemed there was nothing more fitting than to spend it close to home in the woods not too far away where there is a wonderful hill perfect for seeing sunset and sunrise.
On the theme of home and family I asked my eldest son to come too, he's had a tough couple of years but he's coming through slowly and it gave us the chance to really spend some quality time together, just the two of us.
Off we trundled with our camping chairs, candle lantern, organic honey Ale, incense and umbrella to find our spot.
It was a rainy night, but warm and we found the perfect spot at the foot of our hill and set our mini camp underneath the outstretched branches of an old Oak.
My, that Oak kept us warm, protected us from the wind and rain, and out of sight while we burned our incense and gave our thanks, despite the fact he seemed to find us humans a bit foolish. We gave thanks to him too for his humouring us.
We spent the dark hours enjoying each others company, the company of Owl's, Foxes, and other shifting creatures of the night which we could not see and made our way back early this morning tired and happy.
The legacy of this particular night perhaps remains to be seen. My further connection to the land around me, the deepening of my relationship with my son as the man that he is becoming, and how we mark the seasons together.
I know one thing, those damn mozzies have a lot to answer for! 
Skyclad?-bugger that for a lark! I'd be fast food.
My huge bites remind me there is always a price to pay, but it is always worth it.
Recently I read something someone had recommended to fellow pagans/witches.
That was, to get outside and experience the different energies outdoors work with them and see how that differed from usual practice.
I wonder-what other practice is there?