Saturday, 10 July 2010

Looking under the stone....

Have you ever lifted a stone and had a peep underneath to see that there is a whole world of activity going on totally oblivious to our own and quite often independent of it?
Fascinating stuff, especially if, like my niece you have a particular penchant for creepy crawlies!
Brings many thoughts to my mind, magical and practical. I'll leave the magical for another day though and focus on the practical.
More often than not when we're wrapped up in our own microcosm of daily living we forget that there are countless 'worlds' existing around us and it's up to us whether we lift the stone to find them. It does sometimes require a little effort but it can be well worthwhile.
One stone i lifted a few years ago was to look around at the world of Art that exists around me-and i found that it was incredibly creative and there is much going on that i had no awareness of.
Apart from the incredibly creative people i'm fortunate to know, there are loads of interesting exhibitions locally that you can have a nice amble down to one example being The International Festival of Glass 2010.
I'll be revisiting it again this year to see what's new and hopefully meet some great folk in the process.
Lift a stone where you are, and see what's going on beneath. You really might be surprised to see what you find.