Why the blog?

Good question! 
It is my intention, after musing on it (of course) that the blog is a sort of written record for myself to put my thoughts (and hopefully actions) into words and see how they evolve in my own life. 
And i've been thoroughly encouraged by the many blogs i visit personally. It can be inspirational to read others musings, see what they're up, what they bring into creation.
It's a good thought to think that one may find like minds, kinship, challenges, alternatives, information and perhaps ultimately knowledge (who knows) through the most simplistic and innocent of endeavours.
I do need to have much fiddling time with technology, i know, as it's always a trial and error thing with me having no knowledge or experience whatsoever. So, it will be interesting to see how far i get with that too!
I will always try where I can to credit any images or sources that I may use here where I can. If there is something I use that is not credited contact me and hopefully we can sort it out.

Here it is then-my own tentative and hesitant step into cyberspace.

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